Online class #2 — Machine Appliqué

Hi Quilters —

Do you admire appliqué quilts but just feel intimidated when looking at them? You’d love to own one but the thought of making one yourself is just too much to consider?

If you are that person, I have the perfect class for you:

Learn Machine Applique

In this class, I teach you all of the basics to create machine appliqué without taking on a huge project. First you make a step-by-step sample so you can decide if you really like the technique, then I designed a small wallhanging especially for this online class that you can make.

Dreamscapes by Benartex was used for this lovely wallhanging.

I love machine applique. I was a beginner at one time too and was so intimidated by beautiful appliqué quilts — especially hand appliqué done by the needle-turn method. No matter how many classes I took or projects I tried to make, needle-turn was not my thing. When I discovered machine appliqué and how adaptable it is, I knew that I would make appliqué quilts for the rest of my life.

I even wrote a book about Machine Appliqué:

Sadly, my book is now out-of-print — but I do have some copies available in my Online Shop here. Once they are gone, they’ll be available by Print on Demand.

On July 28th, the third Annie’s online class will be released which is all about how to create four different scrappy borders for your quilts, including a fresh quilt pattern.

Happy Quilting!

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