Handmade Journals

My handmade Journals are made with archival paper and and adhesives, decorated with ribbon, charms, buttons, letter tiles, quotes and found-items. Each journal cover is wrapped with trim so you have a place to tuck notes, photos or other important reminders. The pages of the journals are either lined or gridded – use them to keep precious memories, use as The Artist’s Way morning pages, design quilts and quilt blocks, keep inspiration and fabrics swatches of projects. They have many uses!

Annie’s Handmade Journals are each unique – one-of-a-kind journals. Each selection in the online store is only one single journal that is available. Once it’s gone, it won’t be reproduced in exactly the same way. If you don’t see what you want in the store, drop me a line – I can create a special one just for you.

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A Fabric Keeper and Project Journal

I suggest using these journals as a method of keeping a permanent record of each of your quilting projects. I will insert the fabric amounts for my quilt and any changes to the design that I want to make to personalize my quilt project. I fill it with sketches of the quilting I may want to use on the finished piece.

By gluing the swatches into the book, I have a portable palette of my fabrics that I can take to stores and compare other possible fabrics I may want to include (and make sure that I don’t duplicate what I already have!). In the journal, I include notes about my quilt project and (and love notes from my granddaughters).

But the project journal is much more than a keeper of swatches and dimensions and designs. During the time I’m working on that quilt, the journal holds my personal thoughts and ideas. I explain the meaning of the elements I include in the quilt. I also write thoughts and feelings describing what’s going on in my life while I’m making the quilt. The journal becomes a record of my journey with a particular quilt.

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Please take a moment to browse the selections. As I said, each journal is unique. There is only one each available. I can decorate the same theme into the journal, but most likely it will have different paper or charms or lettering – so keep that in mind.


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